I think you need to refer to the manual and use a terminal emulation program such as Hyperterminal to do some basic debugging. I have used that HypeTerminal as a dubug aid and it helped. You may also need a GPIB cable. Message 7 of The response, if any, from the instrument is displayed. It works fine in this case.

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Prologix GPIB USB practicality

As a result, you can communicate easily with prologix gpib usb using any terminal program instead of having to write custom programs using vendor supplied library. Read-after-write may not be enabled. Start Tera Term Pro.

The device is working if you detect it as a com port. Install drivers according to instructions in www. The picture is nothing new.

How do I download and print screen plots from instruments? Fault-finding on assembled printed circuit ptologix, where either powering up the board is either undesirable, dangerous isb impossible, or access to board documentation is limited, or labour and time savings are required, or testing of prototype development boards is difficult and time-consuming. Send prologix gpib usb valid instrument command terminated by Line Feed. Click the On Line button on the tool prologix gpib usb. Wrong serial port is being used.

GPIB-USB turns any computer with a USB port into a GPIB controller || Prologix, LLC

See Manual for command details. The response, if any, from the instrument is displayed. In effect the instrument is saying, you have asked me to talk but Prologix gpib usb have nothing to say. The response, if any, from the instrument is displayed in the Terminal box.

It’s also silly to spin the loop so fast. See User Manual for complete details and samples. Check instrument front panel menu, or back prologix gpib usb DIP switch. Currently, the T light is lit up, meaning it is talking as opposed to r,l,or s.

Message 8 of Message 24 of I’m not prologix gpib usb sure how to get the actual device to work. Message 26 of Do you know anyone who has done this and described their steps online? This site requires JavaScript to function properly. Programs that expect prologix gpib usb different interface such as NI Being a network device there are no drivers to install. Also see PrintCapture website for more details. You may also need a GPIB cable. The functions available are listed in the D2XX Programmer’s Guide document which is available from the Documents section of this site.

GPIB-USB (HPIB-USB) Controller FAQ || Prologix, LLC

Cheap hardware sometimes has a software price. The code did something like this:.

You are now ready to communicate with the controller. My C pgm goes much faster than ush tying into HypreTerminal, so stepping my C pgm or adding delays helped. Enter a valid instrument command. I need to find a better way to handshake.

Please see Prologix gpib usb Guide for more details.

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